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USM PENANG, 27 April 2024 - The Malaysia Financial Planning Council (MFPC), in cooperation with the School of Management (SOM) Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), has once again set the scene for financial literacy through its signature event, 'My Money & Me 2024'.

This year's programme, which continues the tradition that begun in 2008, centred on the topic 'Protect Your Money, Secure Your Future', a rallying cry to encourage financial awareness among youths.

The 'My Money and Me' programme is a cross collaborative programme facilitated by MFPC, with the support of Bank Negara’s Financial Education Network (FEN), Securities Commission Malaysia, Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM), Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN), BIX (Bond-Sukuk Information Exchange), Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM), Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA), The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN), the Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) and the Private Pension Administrator. The programme has been endorsed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Rakan Muda and the Ministry of Higher Education.

With the theme 'Financial Planning for the Future,' the event was held at Dewan Budaya USM, and attended by distinguished visitors and industry experts, with the opening ceremony officiated by Malaysia's Deputy Finance Minister, YB Lim Hui Ying.

Her introductory remarks established a motivating tone, emphasising the necessity of understanding financial responsibility from an early age.

Lim said that in light of the problems that have arisen today, we are reminded of how important and critical it is for young adults to become financially literate at an early age.

“I hope that the participants can benefit from this programme, in terms of smart and planned money management from a young age, avoiding persons becoming trapped in critical financial troubles early in life,” said Lim.

“It is hoped that participants can benefit from this programme in terms of smart and planned money management,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Student Development Centre, Division of Student Development Affairs and Alumni, Professor Dr. Azizah Omar said that USM is acutely aware of the role that universities can and must play in promoting financial literacy.

“We are dedicated to provide our students with the financial education necessary to ensure their success in the future, and we are eager to collaborate with MFPC and other agencies to further these efforts,” she elaborated.

This one-day programme featured engaging workshops led by industry leaders, whereby the programme agenda included important topics such as tax benefits, the importance of insurance coverage, and strategies in avoiding money fraud, which were presented by distinguished speakers from major financial institutions such as Bank Negara Malaysia and LIAM among others.

The event served as both a learning platform and a networking opportunity, allowing guests to meet with their peers and professionals.

This effort corresponds with FEN’s goals of instilling key financial skills in participants, ensuring that they are better equipped to handle and protect their finances.

Also present were the MFPC President, Andy Ng Yen Heng; Penang Chapter Chairman, Charles Tan Swee Choon; representative of USM SOM Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Hadi Zulkafli; Dean, School of Economics, Finance and Banking, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Associate Professor Dr. Bakti Hasan Basri; LHDN Director, Penang Branch, Nasruddin Mat Nasir; and FIMM Chief Executive Officer, Kaleon Leong Rahman.

Text: Siti Fatimah Abu Mansor/Editing: Nur Farrah Ezlin Mohd Suhaimi & Mazlan Hanafi Basharudin/Photo: Mohd Fairus Md Isa



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BUKIT JAMBUL, 28 May 2024 - Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) through the School of Biological Sciences (SBS), in collaboration with the Asian Society of Ichthyologists (ASI), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) with support from Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK), Indonesia and IPB University, Bogor, Indonesia today joined forces to hold the the 7th International Conference of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists 2024 (ASIIC 2024).

The conference was resumed after a four-year hiatus due to the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the theme “Exploring Species Diversity and Resilience of Asian Fishes in a Changing Environment”, the 2-day conference is particularly pertinent, given the current and future global concerns caused by uncontrolled anthropogenetic activities, such as overfishing, pollution, and habitat destruction, coupled with the adverse effects of climate change.

The opening ceremony held at Auditorium Murad Mohd Noor, SAINS@USM this morning was graced by the presence of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation, Professor Dr. Habibah A Wahab, representing the USM Vice-Chancellor.

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In her speech, Habibah emphasised that this event aligns with efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as Zero Hunger (SDG 2), Climate Action (SDG 13), and Life Below Water (SDG 14).

She highlighted that addressing these interconnected goals not only advances scientific understanding, but also fosters practical solutions for sustainable development and environmental conservation.

“It is hoped that through international collaboration and knowledge sharing at this conference, participants would enhance their understanding of complex issues related to biodiversity conservation,” she said.

Meanwhile ASIIC 2024 Chairperson, Professor Dr. Siti Azizah Mohd Nor in her welcoming speech expressed her confidence that this conference would strengthen professional bonds among ichthyologists working in Asia's biodiverse regions.

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The exchange of ideas and expertise here is poised to drive innovation and inspire groundbreaking research initiatives in this field.

The keynote address was delivered following that by the Curator of Ichthyology, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, National University of Singapore, Dr. Tan Heok Hui entitled “Encheloclarias – A Cryptic Acid-Water Catfish from Sundaland, A Critical Update."

The conference will be held from 28 to 29 May 2024 with the participation of over 180 delegates from 16 countries.

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Also present were the USM SBS Dean, Professor Dato’ Dr. Amirul Al-Ashraf Abdullah; principal officers of universities and head of departments.

Text: Nur Farrah Ezlin Mohd Suhaimi/Photo: Mohd Fairus Md Isa



USM PENANG, 21 May 2024 - The Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed today received a courtesy visit from the Bangladesh High Commissioner to Malaysia, His Excellency Md. Shameem Ahsan at the Chancellory Conference Room, Chancellory Building in USM.

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The visit aimed to discuss and explore avenues for enhancing collaboration between Malaysia and Bangladesh, fostering mutual growth and progress in education and research.

Abdul Rahman was pleased to welcome His Excellency and to receive the courtesy visit from the Bangladesh High Commission to Malaysia, and the discussion between both parties was very fruitful.

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During the meeting, Abdul Rahman gave a brief overview regarding the university profile, background and achievements.

He expressed the confidence that cooperation between Malaysia and Bangladesh can unlock new opportunities for academic and research collaboration and mutual growth.

“As we continue to navigate the challenges of the 21st century, our partnership will be instrumental in shaping the future of education, research and innovation,” he said.

Following that, Md. Shameem then highlighted how the presence of Bangladesh embassies may serve to facilitate cooperation in relation to business and cultural matters, with established partnerships in industries, education, and economy.

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USM currently has 99 students from Bangladesh among its international student population of 7,904.

These students are pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate studies in various fields such as dental science, computer science, engineering and business studies.

Since 2019 until July 2024, USM has established three collaborations with institutions in Bangladesh through the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), and other agreements.

Also present at the meeting were the Counsellor (Political) of Bangladesh High Commission, Malaysia, Pranab Kuman Bhattacharjee; Honorary Consul of Bangladesh in Penang, Dato' Shaik Ismail Allaudin; USM Top Management; USM Head of Departments and principal officers of USM.

Text: Nur Farrah Ezlin Mohd Suhaimi/Photo: Mohd Fairus Md Isa


USM PULAU PINANG, 3 Januari 2024 – Genap setahun menerajui Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) sebagai Naib Canselor kesembilan, Profesor Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed menzahirkan setingi-tinggi penghargaan buat semua warga kampus atas sokongan dan komitmen tinggi dalam menyumbang kepada pembangunan Universiti.

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Beliau berkata, momentum USM pada ketika ini amat baik dan beliau akan meneruskan segala usaha yang telah dijalankan termasuk memperkasa agenda APEX dan empat strategi yang menyokong dan menjayakan Ekonomi MADANI: Pendidikan Tinggi (4P).

Strategi 4P yang dinyatakan termasuk penyediaan bakat, penyelidikan dan inovasi, pemindahan dan perkongsian ilmu serta pengantarabangsaan.

Katanya, USM turut menjadi perintis bagi beberapa program berimpak tinggi yang dapat memperluas jaringan strategik bersama komuniti dan industri termasuk yang terkini, program Inkubator Penyelidikan dan Serap Industri Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi (MRI3).

“Kita telah bermula dengan baik untuk memberi impak kepada pemegang taruh dan kita juga mempunyai hala tuju strategik untuk terus mengimplementasi segala idea yang dirancang ke peringkat seterusnya.

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“Kelestarian kewangan masih menjadi fokus Universiti pada tahun ini dan saya yakin kita akan terus bergerak mengikut momentum,” jelas beliau.

Abdul Rahman turut menyuarakan harapannya untuk melihat semua warga Universiti peka dengan dunia luar, termasuk melihat peluang yang boleh dimanfaatkan menerusi teknologi Artificial Intelligence (AI) dan digitalisasi.

“Sekali lagi saya ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi terima kasih buat semua warga USM yang telah sama-sama berusaha dan menjalankan amanah masing-masing dengan begitu baik.

“Saya akui banyak cabaran yang akan dihadapi di masa-masa akan datang namun saya percaya dengan kerjasama dan komitmen semua, USM akan terus melakar pelbagai kisah kejayaan dan memberi impak,” katanya.

Teks: Marziana Mohamed Alias/Foto: Mohd Fairus Md Isa 



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PENANG, 14 May 2024 – Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), through the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences together with the Malaysian Society of Pharmaceutical Technology (MSPT) recently organised the International Conference on Drug Discovery and Development (IC3D) 2024.

The jointly-organised scientific conference brought together more than 100 scientists, researchers, clinicians, policymakers, representatives from the government agencies and pharmaceutical companies to share their latest research and insights on drug discovery and development.

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Speaking at the opening ceremony of the conference, USM Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation, Professor Dr. Habibah A Wahab, who is exercising the functions of the USM Vice-Chancellor said that in the current rapidly-evolving landscape, the quest for discovering new drugs and enhancing their delivery methods has never been more critical.

“This year's theme, "Drug Discovery and Delivery: Present and Future," highlights the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing global health challenges.

“From combating infectious diseases to alleviating chronic conditions, the impact of collective efforts in drug discovery and delivery has touched the lives of millions.

“Across the globe, researchers and practitioners are utilising cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to produce novel therapeutic agents and optimised drug delivery systems to address unmet medical needs,” she said.

Habibah added that all these are made possible through interdisciplinary collaborations, data-driven approaches and precision medicine initiatives.

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The President of MSPT, Dr. Thaigarajan Parumasivan said that IC3D 2024 represents more than just a conference. It symbolises a beacon of collaboration. It is a platform that unites local and international experts under one roof to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge essential for shaping the future of pharmaceutics.

“The theme ‘Drug Discovery and Delivery: Present and Future’ encapsulates the current advancements in drug discovery and delivery, while simultaneously foreseeing the path for future developments in tackling global health challenges,” he added.

IC3D 2024 was held in a hybrid manner to allow both in-person and virtual interactions during its keynote and plenary sessions as well as its poster and oral presentations.

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In addition, a post-conference workshop session offers attendees the opportunity to further understand the issue of drug development.

Also present at the opening ceremony was the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurzalina Abdul Karim Khan.

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Text: Siti Fatimah Abu Mansor/Editing: Tan Ewe Hoe/Photo: Mohd Fairus Md Isa



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USM PENANG, 8 April 2024 – The National Poison Centre (NPC) at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) plays a vital role in addressing poisoning incidents across the nation, closely monitoring emerging trends associated with new products in the market or regulatory alterations.

According to NPC drug and poison information services chief pharmacist, Sulastri Samsudin, NPC has been monitoring poisoning exposure cases related to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and their liquids since 2015, when they were first made commercially available.

“Over the span of nine years from 2015 to the present, the NPC has meticulously observed 111 cases linked to e-cigarettes and their accompanying liquids, with notable surges occurring during two distinct periods, first between 2020 and 2021, and then between 2022 and 2023,” she cited.

Sulastri said the first phase of increase by twice was in 2020 at 13.5 per cent and 2021 at 19.8 per cent compared with 6.3 per cent in 2019, which was during the Movement Control Order (MCO) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The majority of cases then involved children aged below five. This situation can be attributed to the accessibility of these products to children due to inadequate storage practices.

"This is further compounded by the form of product packaging, especially liquid e-cigarettes without safety features and the existence of interesting flavourings such as appealing food and sweets/candies.

"The second phase of increase was after the MCO, which was in 2022 and 2023. Although there was a slight decrease to 18 per cent in 2022; in 2023, the NPC recorded the highest number of e-cigarette exposure calls of 30.6 per cent, a five-time increase compared with 2019,” she said in a statement released recently.

Sulastri also mentioned that in the same year, nicotine was removed from the Poisons Act 1952.  

“The second phase also showed a change in the trend in the age category, where more teenagers aged 15 to 19 years experienced poisoning due to the deliberate use of e-cigarettes.

“Furthermore, more than 95 per cent of reported cases were symptomatic,” she said.

“The majority of symptoms exhibited by patients were consistent with nicotine poisoning symptoms such as severe vomiting, drowsiness, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, fainting, and seizures/convulsions.”

She, however, said there were also patients who showed more severe symptoms such as psychosis, hallucinations, aggressive behaviour changes and were suspected of involving drug abuse into e-cigarette liquid.

"Since 2021, the NPC had started receiving cases of exposure to e-cigarettes linked to the drug, Magic Mushroom, or its active ingredient psilocybin, and recorded a total of 23 cases to date.

"Without any control over e-cigarettes, the NPC cannot confirm the content of the substance," she added.

As such, Sulastri urged the government to speed up the implementation of the Control of Smoking Products for Public Health Act 2023 which was approved last year, to ensure greater control of electronic cigarette products, mitigate e-cigarette-related harm, and safeguard public well-being.

Among the control measures that can be taken are:

  • Use safety caps for e-cigarette refill containers;
  • Prohibit the use of food flavourings in e-cigarette liquids;
  • Limit the concentration of nicotine and the amount of liquid in e-cigarette liquids and refill containers;
  • Ensure that products, especially chemicals, are tested and registered for monitoring purposes;
  • Set a strict standard operating procedure for product manufacturing processes of e-cigarette products;
  • Strengthen the monitoring system for cases of exposure to e-cigarette poisoning;
  • Ensure that e-cigarettes are off limit to minors/underaged individuals.

"NPC once again calls for the speedy implementation of control over smoking products, especially e-cigarettes, to prevent more Malaysians, especially the younger generation, from falling victim to nicotine addiction and poisoning," Sulastri said.

Translation: Tan Ewe Hoe



USM PENANG, 21 May 2024 – The Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) School of Pharmaceutical Sciences organised a programme today to provide engagement opportunities for students with experts and players in the field.

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In her opening speech, the Dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor Dr. Nurzalina Abdul Karim Khan said, the programme is pivotal as it is planned for the students to explore a myriad of opportunities to establish connections and to be involved in network sessions with industry experts.

She continued by saying that though many students can excel academically, it is the first impression that counts, be they in an interview for a job, or upon seeing a patient. The strength of character is just as important, as they would need to have the desire for lifelong learning, to be compassion, and to have the empathy in dealing with customers or patients in the future.

In representing the USM Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation, Nurzalina further said that the event could assist in the students’ journey to become healthcare professionals. The field of pharmacy is constantly evolving and an event such as this could provide valuable insights and guidance into areas of healthcare, science and patient care.

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She then said, involvement in the pharmacy field is not only about dispensing medicine; it is about improving lives, enhancing patient outcomes and contributing to the wellbeing of communities, regardless of where you may serve. As long as they continue to have the core values of the profession, namely integrity, empathy and commitment to excellence, they would surely be able to make a positive impact in the lives of whom they serve.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony was later held between the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and HeyDOC, with Nurzalina representing the School and HeyDOC being represented by Christina Oui Hui Che.

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Held at Dewan Budaya USM, the ‘Pharmacy Career Day and Talent Recruitment Drive Event’ include collaborators from the pharmaceutical industry and companies such as Alpro, HTM, Nova, Guardian, Hovid, PMG, Duopharma, Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild and the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM).

The one-day programme also held different talk sessions from 10 different speakers, each one focusing on their area of expertise, in addition to having a few booths set up at the foyer of Dewan Budaya for the participants to view the various products and services offered by the respective companies involved.

Text: Mazlan Hanafi Basharudin/Photo: Mohd Fairus Md Isa



NIBONG TEBAL, 8 March 2024 – In an effort to strengthen international collaborations, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), through the Director's Office of Engineering Campus, today hosted an official visit from Kyushu Institute of Technology (KYUTECH).

DSC 2004

Based in Fukuoka, Japan, KYUTECH is one of the leading universities aiming to establish strategic partnerships worldwide and the meeting is part of their initiative to expand its global collaborations, with a target of establishing 10 collaborative relationships with universities around the world by 2026.

The meeting, chaired by the Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Fadzli Mohamed Nazri, is hoped to be a crucial step in strengthening ties and fostering meaningful collaborations between USM and KYUTECH, ultimately promoting research, academic exchange, and international cooperation.

Notably, USM and KYUTECH have already engaged in collaborative efforts within the fields of Civil Engineering,involving programmes such as PhD mobility and supervision,as well as joint initiatives in biotechnology and research.

Representing KYUTECH at the meeting were Special Assistant to the Vice President cum the Chief Specialist of the International Operation Headquarters, Wakabayashi Toshiro; Director of Education & Research Centre in Malaysia cum Director of Collaborative Research Centre for Green Materials on Environmental Technology, Associate Professor Yoshito Ando and Associate Professor Shinya Ikeno.

DSC 1971

The collaborative relationship between USM and KYUTECH is expected to mirror successful partnerships between other universities and to include various levels of engagement that have proven to be effective in terms of internationalisation.

This is in line with the University's vision to strengthen its international presence and promote academic collaboration, and the institution also aims to formalise and evaluate these collaborative activities.

As for KYUTECH, it aims to designate USM as its fifth international strategic partner, marking a significant milestone in the growing relationship between the two institutions and opening avenues for further collaborative ventures that will benefit both universities while contributing to the global academic community.

Text: Siti Faizah Abd Halim/Photo: Muhammad Taufik Abdul Rahman



Presentation by the Dean on Postgraduate programme

PENANG, 25 April 2024 – The Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) School of Distance Education (SDE) recently went on a visit to the Fergana State University (FSU) in Uzbekistan.

The SDE delegates led by the Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Zulnaidi Yaacob visited FSU and were then engaged in fruitful discussions with FSU's top management, including the Vice Rectors for academic and scientific affairs.

During the gathering, USM researchers Dr. Nagaletchimee Annamalai and Dr. Omar Ali Al Smadi, alongside counterparts from two distinguished American universities, Georgia State University and Minnesota State University, shared cutting-edge research findings in the realms of language, innovation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

MoU signing ceremony 2   MoU signing ceremony

In addition to the scholarly exchange, presentations were delivered to FSU students, showcasing opportunities for international mobility programmes and Master's degree pursuits.

This event represents a significant stride towards fostering academic enrichment and cultivating a culture of international collaboration.

Moreover, a workshop on Scopus writing publication was also conducted for the staff, providing them invaluable insights into the scholarly publishing process and enhancing their research dissemination skills.

Zulnaidi said, “This visit marks a significant milestone for both institutions, laying the foundation for fruitful collaborations that will shape the future of education.”

Workshop on Publishing in Scopus indexed journal   With students presentation on mobility programme

Project Coordinator Siti Soraya Lin expressed optimism for the exciting projects ahead, underscoring the mutual benefits of this growing partnership between USM and FSU.

The FSU top management has also indicated a high interest in sending about 10 lecturers to pursue their PhDs at USM, through a hybrid modular learning approach that will be conducted in Penang and Fergana.

The occasion culminated with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), cementing a promising collaboration between the two institutions. The ceremony was held in the presence of officials from both institutions.

Source: School of Distance Education (SDE), USM/Editing: Mazlan Hanafi Basharudin



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USM PENANG, 4 April 2024 Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has successfully retained its recognition as a self-accrediting university accorded by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) until 2027.

The news was well received with pride and joy by the entire USM community.

The confirmation was conveyed in writing by the MQA Chief Executive Officer to USM Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed, along with the Certificate of Self-Accreditation Status.

This accolade was given following an audit conducted by MQA, which evaluated USM’s strengths and areas requiring attention.

MQA congratulated USM on this achievement and expressed hope that the audit results would assist the university in its future planning endeavors.

USM was granted self-accreditation status by MQA on 29 April 2010, making it eligible to accredit its academic programmes internally based on the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) and standards set by MQA and the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) from time to time, except for professional programmes requiring accreditation from relevant professional bodies.

However, as a self-accrediting university, MQA conducts Institutional Audits every five years to retain this status. The audit process is carried out through the Code of Practice for Institutional Audit (COPIA) and Code of Practice for Program Accreditation (COPPA).

Reflecting on the recent audits, USM underwent Compliance Self-Audit on 8, 9, and 14 February 2022, followed by a subsequent Audit on 17 August 2023, to ensure compliance with self-accreditation criteria.

Following the completion of these audits, USM successfully retained its self-accreditation status effective from 25 March 2024 until 2027.

The university extends its gratitude to the USM Self-Accreditation Centre, led by its Director, Professor Dr. Azura A Rashid, and all PTJs/departments involved in the audit process.

Text: Tan Ewe Hoe



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KUALA LUMPUR, 2 May 2024 - Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed today is honoured to receive the remarkable recognition for the institution as the "2024 Employers' Choice of University" by Talentbank, held at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The prestigious distinction is awarded based on surveys conducted with leading graduate employers, whereas USM has been recognised as one of the Malaysian universities consistently producing graduates in high demand by employers.

This achievement highlights the university's excellence in education and its effectiveness in preparing students for their careers.

This accolade underscores the commitment to excellence by USM in education and its efficacy in preparing students for successful careers, particularly championing in the fields of Interior Design and Science.

WhatsApp Image 2024 05 02 at 12.06.12 PM

According to Abdul Rahman, this recognition does not only enhance the employability of USM graduates, but also transforms its relationship with employers.

“By fostering collaboration among academia, industry, government, and the community, USM ensures graduates are equipped with industry-relevant skills and networks, thereby bolstering employers' confidence in the quality and readiness of USM graduates for the workforce,” he said.

Inspired by the Graduates' Choice Award, the Employers' Choice Award also celebrates 45 other universities renowned for nurturing highly employable graduates who are in high demand by employers.

The event coincided with Talentbank’s Raya Open House, offering a dual celebration that acknowledges the outstanding achievements of Malaysian institutions while embracing the joyful essence of the festive season.

WhatsApp Image 2024 05 02 at 12.06.50 PM

Also present at the award ceremony were the USM Deputy Vice-Chancellor Student Development Affairs and Alumni, Professor Dr. Shaharum Shamsuddin; Director of the USM Student Development Centre, Division of Student Development Affairs and Alumni, Professor Dr. Azizah Omar and principal officers of USM.

Text: Nur Farrah Ezlin Mohd Suhaimi/Photo: Mohd Fairus Md Isa



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KUALA LUMPUR, 2 May 2024 – Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) via the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PPKEE) today has taken steps to strengthen its strategic partnership with Al-Mustaqbal University (UOMUS), Iraq through the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA).

The collaboration between the two parties is meant to embark on USM's Mixed Mode Master of Science in Electronic Systems lDesign Engineering (MSc. ESDE) programme to be offered at the UOMUS campus beginning this 2024/2025 academic year.

WhatsApp Image 2024 05 02 at 2.50.55 PM

Signing on behalf of USM was the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed, and on behalf of UOMUS was its President, Professor Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi; witnessed by the Dean of PPKEE, Professor Ir. Ts. Dr. Shahrel Azmin Sundi@Suandi, and the President’s Advisor for Academic and International Affairs, UOMUS, Associate Professor Dr. Hamza Mohammed Ridha Al-Khafaji.

This MoA is aimed at nurturing talents in Electronic Systems Design Engineering among the university graduates in Iraq as well as in the Middle East Region, which will commence in October 2024.

The programme will provide the students with the cutting edge knowledge in electronic engineering field and state-of-the-art skills for the graduates to transcend barriers in the sustainable electronic industry.

According to Abdul Rahman, some of whom are industrial practitioners from Multi-National Companies (MNC) in Malaysia, for both local and international graduates have benefitted from this programme.

WhatsApp Image 2024 05 02 at 2.50.36 PM1   WhatsApp Image 2024 05 02 at 2.50.35 PM   WhatsApp Image 2024 05 02 at 2.50.37 PM1

"At USM, we have many students from Iraq and the Middle-East who have travelled and stayed in Malaysia to attend this programme.

"Thus, we are honoured to have UOMUS as our pioneer partner to diversify the delivery of this programme through the offshore location in Babylon, Iraq for the first time," he said.

Abdul Rahman also added by saying that USM will further expand few more programmes with UOMUS later in future.

Meanwhile, Hasan Shakir Majdi said that through this collaboration, it is hoped that the programme will provide access to quality education for Iraqi students through UOMUS infrastructure, thereby enriching their educational knowledge.

WhatsApp Image 2024 05 02 at 2.50.33 PM

Following the signing, both parties engaged in fruitful discussions, exploring future collaborations and strategies to bolster their partnership.

Also present were the Exercising the Function of the USM Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and International, Professor Dr. Habibah A Wahab and principal officers of USM.

Text: Nur Farrah Ezlin Mohd Suhaimi/Photo: Mohd Fairus Md Isa



USM PENANG, 30 April 2024 - The Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Centre for Global Sustainability Studies (CGSS) has partnered with Yayasan Tun Sardon to host a public lecture on the topic of sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

WhatsApp Image 2024 04 30 at 18.52.21

Titled ‘Sustainability Talks, ESG: The New Black in Industries and Businesses’, it is the latest in a long line of collaborations between USM and Yayasan Tun Sardon.

Board member of Yayasan Tun Sardon, Tahirudin Tun Haji Hamdan stated that the beginnings of today's public lecture can be traced back to more than 12 years ago, when the first event was conducted in this particular venue.

It became one of the activities which had suited the aims of Yayasan Tun Sardon, which is to address social rehabilitation in the community as a whole via intellectual conversation.

The distinguished guest speaker was Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Zakri Abdul Hamid, who has dedicated his life towards improving scientific understanding and supporting sustainable practices on a worldwide scale.

WhatsApp Image 2024 04 30 at 12.50.09 3

According to Zakri, sustainability is an appropriate subject since the world is facing significant problems in terms of material issues. Climate change, pollution, deforestation, biodiversity loss, water shortages, and other environmental issues are only a few examples. In addition, there are other issues too that must be addressed such as social justice, honesty and governance.

Difficulties from these issues are interrelated, affecting every part of our lives. By adopting these sustainability-related issues, also widely-referred to as ESG, we can reduce the negative effect of the aforementioned concerns and move toward a healthier and more liveable earth, he added.

USM Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato' Seri Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed in his welcoming speech stated that as a university dedicated to excellence and innovation, USM is delighted to be at the forefront of sustainability research and education.

WhatsApp Image 2024 04 30 at 12.50.06

“I am eager for us to embark on today's discussions, which I trust will inspire and challenge us to integrate sustainable practices in all that we do.

“As we face environmental ethics and business innovation, it is our responsibility to integrate ESG principles into our strategies to ensure a more sustainable and equitable world,” he further said.

Also present were the Advisor of Advance Dispute Resolution Centre, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Hj. Mohd Yussof Latiff; Board Members of Yayasan Tun Sardon; USM Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Industry and Community Network, Professor Dr. Azlan Amran and USM CGSS Director, Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Wira Mohd Shafiei.

WhatsApp Image 2024 04 30 at 12.50.07 2

Text: Siti Fatimah Abu Mansor/Editing: Mazlan Hanafi Basharudin/Photo: Shahnizam Ab Rahim



WhatsApp Image 2024 05 06 at 12.34.43

USM PENANG, 6 May 2024 – Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and University of Keele from United Kingdom today reaffirm areas of collaboration with the signing of three Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) here today.

Led by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Trevor McMillan, the delegates from Keele met their USM counterparts and discussed areas for strategic partnerships, as well as to identify mutual areas of interests.

USM Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dato' Seri Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed Professor said in his welcoming speech that, this visit would signify the renewing of previous partnerships and further solidify them which could lead to new, impactful outcomes.

Meanwhile, Trevor in his speech said that both institutions share common aims in education and research, as they go side by side in making an impact on society. Thus it is an opportunity and obligation for such relationships to go beyond the four walls of the institutions.

He further confirmed the commitment in the collaborations between Keele and USM, especially in involving the younger generation of researchers and academics as research and projects can grow faster through collaborations, such as joint postgraduate programmes.

This was then followed by a short session where matters regarding research, funding and other topics of interest were further discussed.

The MoU ceremony involved the signing of a Strategic Partnership Agreement, Research Collaboration Agreement and Collaboration Agreement for the Royal Society International Exchange Grant. The first MoU between USM and Keele was signed in 2012, and which had expired in 2020. The current exercise is to renew such agreements between both parties.

Also present at the ceremony were Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation Professor Dr. Habibah A Wahab, who is also Exercising the Function of Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and International; Deputy Vice-Chancellor Industrial Network, Community and Institutional Sustainability, Professor Dr. Azlan Amran; Deputy Vice-Chancellor Student Development Affairs and Alumni, Professor Dr. Shaharum Shamsuddin; Director of USM Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies (CEMACS), Professor Dato’ Dr. Aileen Tan Shau Hwai; former USM Vice-Chancellor, Professor Emerita Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail and other USM key officials.

Others who were present from Keele include the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), Professor Antonius Raghubansie; Dean of Internationalisation and Partnerships, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Dr. Mirna Mourtada-Maarabouni; Professor of Stellar Hydrodynamics and Nuclear Astrophysics, Director of the Digital Society Institute, Professor Raphael Hirschi and Keele School of Life Sciences researcher, Dr. Mark Skidmore.

Text: Mazlan Hanafi Basharudin/Photo: Mohd Fairus Md Isa



WhatsApp Image 2024 03 27 at 12.16.08 AM

TOKYO, JAPAN, 24 March 2024 – Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Shizenkan University in Tokyo, Japan.

The MoU was signed between the Dean of the Graduate School of Business (GSB), Associate Professor Dr. Fathyah Hashim who represented USM, and Professor Katsuhiko Yoshikawa, Vice President of Shizenkan University.

The endorsement from both parties symbolised a shared commitment towards nurturing collaborative endeavours in various domains of academia, as well as cross-cultural exchange and global citizenship.

The key collaborative areas highlighted as part of the MoU include networking activities (among faculty members, researchers, and students), research collaborations, student and researcher exchange programmes (international academic mobility), symposiums and conferences, and teaching and learning initiatives.

Following the MoU signing ceremony, an event to kick-off the Pan-Asian Business School Network also took place, marking an immediate outcome of this collaboration.

At this event, Fathyah delivered a keynote speech on "Sustainability Leadership from an Asian Perspective" in a hybrid forum.

The MoU signed between USM and Shizenkan University represents a new beginning in the pursuit of academic excellence and international collaboration between the two institutions.

Also present were key officials from both universities.

Text & Photo: GSB USM/Editing: Mazlan Hanafi Basharudin

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