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Today, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) bids farewell to its former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International), Professor Dato' Dr. Ahmad Shukri Mustapa Kamal as he officially ends his tenure after serving in that post for almost ten years.

According to the USM Vice-Chancellor, Professor Datuk Dr. Asma Ismail, Ahmad Shukri can be described as someone who is wise and will always be there to offer guidance to anyone with the knowledge that he has.

"He is like an encyclopedia to USM and his knowledge has always helped us in many ways. He is someone who is always composed and practical, and it would be a great loss to USM," she said.

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We learnt a few things from him about what leadership is all about and these are some of the best traits that we think every leaders should be having inspired by him:

Be Cool: Ahmad Shukri in his capacity holding his former post, has been described as always being cool and composed. No matter in what situation, he will always see the positive side of things and set his mind towards careful thinking. Being angry is an alien traits to him.


Be Passionate: In performing his duties, he was seen as someone who was passionate, committed and dedicated in his work. Despite the challenges, he always set his days towards better improvement of academic programmers in USM.

Be Approachable: ask to see him at any time, and he will set his time for you (except when being away). He would always also be the first to ring you 'hello' each time you meet him with a pleasant smile. Thus, this traits will increase comfort in dealing with him even if it involves complex matters.

Be Patient: Rome is not build in a day. He understand this well. Rather than rushing to a decision, Ahmad Shukri will always contemplate and ponder upon series of experience so that it will be an informed decision.



Be Awesome: this is a little tricky to explain. Awesomeness differs according to perspectives but everybody knows that when it comes to photo sessions with silly gesture, he's game for that!

We thank him for being part of our wonderful experience in USM.

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