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USM PENANG, 29 July 2022 – The Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Professor Dato' Dr. Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan is urging the whole USM campus community to do a self-reflection in welcoming the new Islamic calendar year 'Hijrah' 1444.

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He said this in the sermon before the Friday prayers at the USM Al-Malik Khalid mosque today, titled 'The Beauty of Being Just in Islam'.

"As we welcome the new Islamic calendar year, let us together look inwards and start thinking towards initiating changes in ourselves and our families.

"Have we been fair to ourselves and to others?" said the Vice-Chancellor.

One example would be, working to ensure that the needs of the poor are fulfilled via the instruments of zakat and waqf.

He further asks, have we thought of our ever-growing wrongdoings and egos?

Have we continued to 'outdo' each other in our determination to provide for the welfare of those around us, as commanded by the Quran, "Fastabiqul Khairat" and have we upheld justice for humanity, the institution and the nation?

He then said that, a person needs to be just and fair to his Creator by submitting to Allah and to obey all that He has commanded, as well as to be just to the Prophet S.A.W. by abiding to his teachings and practices here on Earth.

“Being fair and just to oneself then is to avoid the mistakes and wrongdoings done from being egoistic; being fair and just to the physical self is to ensure its health and to avoid any illness or injury, while being fair and just to the soul is to defy any wrongdoings in order to remain pure and noble.”

He added, a person will be fair and just to his parents by repaying what they have done, while to be fair and just to the family would be to build a harmonious family together by instilling a sense of self-worth, giving encouragement and motivation, while providing guidance to make the right decisions in life.

"Being fair and just to one's neighbour means that, there should be a sense of togetherness in enduring trials and hardships, being fair and just to someone who is ill means, to give advice and support to become healthy again, and to be fair and just to the poor means, to fulfil his immediate needs.

"Being fair and just to the nation and to USM is to love, to uphold and to sacrifice for the institution and the nation; being fair and just to mankind is to build together a sense of humanity, along with to be fair and just to all knowledge is to spread it far and wide," said Faisal Rafiq.

He is urging the staff of USM, all the academia, all administrators, and all support staff to look inwards and to seek the answer to the question, "Have I been fair and just to my customers, namely the students and the community at large?"

"To the whole USM community once again, I would like to reiterate for everyone to uphold justice and fairness in our hearts, so that we'll be 'in good hands' here and in the hereafter," said the Vice-Chancellor.

Translation: Mazlan Hanafi Basharudin

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