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USM PENANG, 4 October 2021 -- The 9th ASEAN Future Leaders Summit (AFLES 2021) that was held online recently was a huge success and looked set to move ahead into another level in the future.

According to the Director of AKEPT, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Nasrudin Mohammed, for this year, the delegates for AFLES totalled at 160, consisting of participants from seven ASEAN countries and a few non-ASEAN countries.


“This year, as was previously, AFLES is conducted online and prior to that, AFLES, from its second until the sixth edition was partially conducted at AKEPT in Nilai, Malaysia, with AKEPT as the major collaborator and sponsor,” he said during the Launching Ceremony of AFLES 2021ASEAN Future Leaders Summit on 23 September 2021.

So far, AFLES has had a strong record in its success stories for the past eight years and this is the result of the co-operation and collaboration from the co-organisers; namely USM as the main organiser, and assisted by AKEPT, UiTM, UUM and Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand; AFLES delegates and the education sectors of ASEAN as a whole.

“In 2013, the first AFLES started with 100 international delegates from all ASEAN countries; in 2014 until 2021, the number has increased to 160, which had a positive impact on its success in attracting the ASEAN future leaders to participate in this event.  

“I hope this meaningful event will continue to serve as a platform for ASEAN future leaders to meet and learn from each other, apart from establishing friendship and fellowship across the miles,” he said and hoped that the time spent during AFLES 2021 will be beneficial by learning from each other and may the friendship between Malaysia and all the participating ASEAN countries continue to flourish.

Nasrudin also realised that it is very challenging to organise an international summit of AFLES 2021 in this magnitude and he praised USM for taking up this yearly initiative in organising it.

“To Associate Professor Dr. Anees Janee Ali, the founder and advisor of AFLES and his hard-working team, congratulations on your successful effort in networking and collaborating with the ASEAN students and universities to make this event a success,” he said in congratulating the team headed by Dr. Anees.

Furthermore, Nasrudin also congratulated the Director of AFLES 2020 and 2021,  Putri Agusti Saleha, and the Deputy Director, Muhammad Asyraf Mohd Bakri for their hardwork as part of the committee members and the entire team.

AFLES 2021 is an action-packed summit with exciting discussions, lectures, team-work, community work service presentation, COVID-19 current situation presentation, and cultural events.

The main purpose of these activities is to boost motivation among the youths of ASEAN with the awareness that all of them have the potential to be leaders.

Founder and Advisor of AFLES and USM Postgraduate Student Association (PSA), Associate Professor Dr. Anees Janee Ali added, “This summit is timely as the ASEAN region is focusing on leadership training for the youths who will lead their respective countries in the future. We cannot deny that changes are bound to happen and in view of this, we need to prepare our youths to face the unpredictable challenges that will come their way.


AFLES 2021 was held via the Webexonline meeting for four days, starting 22 Sept 2021 (Registration Day) until 25 September 2021.

Also present during the opening were the Deputy Director of AKEPT, Associate Professor Dr. Yazrina Yahya; Associate Professor Dr. Anees Janee Ali; Advisor of AFLES and President of USM PSA, Mohammad Ali Sarvghadi; Director of AFLES 2021, Putri Agusti Saleha; Deputy Director of AFLES 2021, Muhammad Asyraf Mohd Bakri; AFLES committee members; ASEAN student leaders and the delegates of AFLES 2021.

About The 9th ASEAN Future Leaders Summit (AFLES 2021)


AFLES 2021 is a thirteen-day exciting programme that invites participation from student leaders of universities in the ASEAN region as well as other universities.

This is the ninth endeavour in bringing partner universities under one programme, aiming which to enrich their students with leadership capabilities.

This programme intends to create a networking platform for participants to share ideas and knowledge on critical issues regarding higher education, leadership and student participation, to aid in policy-making and to create a sustainable tomorrow for the young generation.

The vision is to foster mutual relationship and create a sustainable network of thoughtful students with leadership skills to lead in ASEAN education and society while the mission is to nurture, train and educate ASEAN future leaders in higher learning institutions towards better interdependence, policy-making and a sustainable future.

Text: Hafiz Meah Ghouse Meah 

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