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Have Penang in your mind?

With all the sun, sea, sand, sights and satisfy-your-tastebuds delicacies in town, joining around-the-island tour during the weekend will be an experience not to be missed; although frankly speaking, there’s a lot more that you will miss.

There are attractions all over Penang, no doubt. However, when you come to USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia, in case you’re still confused with all the acronyms), the attractions are practically within reach at any time. It would even be more exciting when the family comes for a visit (yeahh!). There’ll be plenty of nice, picturesque, historic and modern spots to take them to for a productive family-bonding time.

USM can be just as exciting and ‘picturesque’ if you care to explore the campus grounds. There are spots to enjoy nature and life’s little pleasures and treasures. Here are five of them that would be ‘impactful’:

1.      The moment you step into the USM campus, you’ll pass by the USM ‘HARAPAN’ LAKE, next to the mosque named after a Saudi king. While not as big as Toba Lake, it still attracts a number of campus citizens to its surroundings; water and nature to soothe the mind and soul. Let’s just hope (that’s what ‘Harapan’ means in Malay) that you will not stumble upon the ‘big’ lizards there, as they would also like to enjoy the location from time to time.
2.      As you go further (and higher, being hilly) on campus, you will find the VC’s ROCK. A place for those who like to have some time out alone (or with friends), you’ll be able see the Penang Bridge (or better still, use it as a background for your selfie).

3.      If you come in from the front entrance, the MINDEN FIELD will greet you and as you find your way to Apex Hall, there’s the stretch of road with a VIEW that would be a good spot for you to lie down and gaze the sky, or the field. It’s by the hillside (and so is the Vice-Chancellor’s residence nearby). So you know you’ll have good company.

4.      After enjoying the travel across campus, why not pick a spot where you can dine your heart out with friends. SUBAIDAH BISTRO is not only a place to eat, but also a place where many people would meet. It’s location by the roadside makes it very convenient to detect where the smell of good food comes from.

5.     To make your stay (or visit) to USM more memorable, do come to PURPLE REPUBLIC (PR). It’s where food, fashion and flexible space come together. There’s the in-house cafe for coffee, the in-house designed souvenir items or just to laze around after a day of exploring, all within easy reach.

While you are still young (and able), why not make the next best choice then; come study in Penang! You’ll be practically on an island that’s a tourist delight! An island with a university, a science university in fact! Talk about mixing business (or studies) with pleasure. Come to USM, where ‘designing’ your future is within reach.

Text: Mazlan Hanafi Basharudin

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