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PENANG, September 2015 - Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) aspires to produce undergraduates who are holistic and who observe more global values ​​in the future.

Through the USM Bulletin, in welcoming the new students to USM, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Dato' Dr. Omar Osman requested for the new students to internalise the values ​​of APEX USM by participating in various activities on campus, from those of the associations to voluntary activities and entrepreneurship, to become graduates with global mindsets and having mutually-shared values, regardless of race and religion.

"On behalf of the top management of USM, I would like to welcome all new students of USM in all the APEX university campuses and to be citizens who would be responsible in seeking knowledge and turning our tower of knowledge into a respectable and prestigious institution," said Omar.

The Vice-Chancellor hopes that the new students will master all the necessary skills needed for the future, by focusing on the opportunities that exist within and outside the university campus to become global holistic graduates who are welcomed anywhere.

"Be a person of noble character and uphold the good name of the university , family and country and live within the concept of togetherness in the hostel or wherever it may be, by being an active student in the lecture hall, laboratory and in the field or wherever it is throughout your studies," said the Vice- Chancellor.

He also urged the students to utilise the available opportunities to develop themselves through activities organised by the associations and participating in the various programmes at the university, to innovate and develop entrepreneurial skills in strengthening their willpower and character to become knowledgeable, noble in spirit and caring individuals for the community in the future.

The Vice-Chancellor also advised the students not to be involved in activities that can be detrimental and create inconveniences to themselves or their families and the country, as well as being a virtuous character who always has high respect for the teachers and those who are more mature.

"Congratulations in becoming part of the APEX USM community and I pray that everyone can utilise and benefit from the opportunities available to become graduates who are the pride of their families, the university and the nation," said Omar.​

Translation: Sharifah Zafirah Syed Nassir/Editing: Mazlan Hanafi Basharudin/Text: Mohamad Abdullah


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