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USM, PENANG, 15 June 2017 - The ‘Memahami Dasar Ekonomi Negara’ briefing programme was initiated by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Malaysia with the aim of raising the awareness of the public on the nation’s economic policies and subsidy rationalisation.

Its Director of Communication, Dato’ Lokman Noor Adam, was in USM recently to present a talk on the topic, and at the same time to gauge the public’s view on some strategic decisions made by the Ministry concerning the nation’s economy.

Some 150 staff and students turned up for the 117th stop of the MOF nationwide roadshow, as Lokman Noor stated that this is another step towards reaching out to as many Malaysians as possible of all ages.

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“This roadshow facilitates a face-to-face explanation with the public; we started with the government staff, then we go to the universities, meet the NGOs, political organisations and many others, to explain about what has been established under the Government administration of Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak,” he further elaborated.

Among the things which are looked into are the National Transformational Programme (NTP) and issues involving the economy. However, these issues have led to decision-making exercises that need to be focused on, so as to avoid complications. One good example would be on how the move of doing away with subsidies on the cost of sugar, oil palm, petrol, and diesel can benefit the people and the country?

He added, in order to gain a better understanding of the current economic situation and discussions relating to it, we need to be well-informed especially from reliable sources and supported by facts as well as to have an open-mind and willingness to listen.

Earlier, the USM Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Development Affairs and Alumni), Professor Dato’ Dr. Adnan Hussein, in his welcoming speech representing the Vice-Chancellor, said: “I hope this session would open our minds and could avoid us from being misled by false news or matters.”

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“I believe this talk will certainly benefit its listeners because it served to educate and offered some basic information on our economy, which we may not have seen before, from a different angle,” added Adnan.

True enough, even though it is never wrong to state one’s own opinions in a free country, it makes good sense to do research on certain actions which could be beneficial and which would open our minds to other perspectives.

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In conclusion, the Ministry of Finance Malaysia has an interesting way to share and explain to the public for what has been implemented, in order to ensure that the economy is well-understood and well-managed in the future.

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