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Exploring the beauty of the forest from the treetops is an activity that you should not miss. According to the Founder of Tree Climbing Planet, Tim Kovar  who has 25 years of experience in tree-climbing, this activity is the best way for us to connect with nature.

Tim, who is also a Certified Master Tree Climbing Instructor added that, by getting involved in this thrilling activity, you will discover magnificent aspects of nature waiting to be discovered.

Tim has travelled around the world and the frustration he gets upon seeing signs of deforestation had made him choose this field as his profession. His desire is to do something good to help protect the forests.

“I started to teach other people how to climb the trees, so that they can connect with the trees. Once people are connected to nature, they don’t want to see nature being destroyed.”

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Tim, who is highly-passionate with nature, suggested that everyone should try it out once in their life. Hereby we list down five magnificent things you may discover when being on top of the trees.

1. It connects you with nature – it’s a very unique activity that will straight away touch your heart and make you start falling in love with nature.

2. It provides you with new perspectives of the forest – the higher you go up the trees, it seems like the deeper you will get into the perspectives of your life.

3. It brings you into a community of people together - people who do not know each other, but they climb together up to a place that is very new, in doing so creating a certain bond.

4. It offers you the opportunity to observe nature - You will be surprised to see and experience the unique beauty of nature, from watching the birds high up to breathing in the fresh air.

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5. Tree-top camping - sleeping on the treetops - Nothing like waking up in the morning to hear a bird singing above you, below you and all around you. You will be awestruck with the melodious morning symphony of the forest.

And one thing for sure, take safety precautions while you are at the top. Tree-climbing, the way Tim and his team do it, is totally safe and they have even worked with different groups of people including those with disabilities, the elderly folks and children as young as six years old.


Text: Marziana Mohamed Alias Pix: Ebrahim Abdul Manan

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